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Yearly 4 Events - 

The Shruti Foundation organizes 4 events each year. Main focus is on preserving and promoting the traditional Indian Music as well as world cultural music, through the public performances and workshops. Shruti Foundation also Invites many international touring musicians from all over the World. These events are presented in an interactive and educative manner to help our audiences understand the musicianship of this art form. 

Yearly Festival -  

The Shruti Foundation organizes a Mega Festival for Music and Dance annually. Respected performers from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds showcase their art form in a traditional way. Occasionally the artists also collaborate and fuse with other genres of music and dance to create a universal unity. Its a festivity for Tampa Music community.    

Shruti School of Music - 

Shruti School of Music is a sister organization of the Shruti Foundation. It aims in providing music education to the community through regular music lessons, annual student recitals and outreach programs. Director of Shruti School of Music, Guru ji Shri Shankhachur Lahiri has been sharing his traditional and creative knowledge with Tampa Bay community, for more than a decade. For further information, please visit 

Visiting Artists - 

The Shruti Foundation promotes and sponsors visiting artists and performers from foreign countries, to perform here for the US audience. The foundation firmly believes in 'unity in diversity', and tirelessly work towards creating a sustainable environment and promoting unity with the power of music. We aim to provide a platform to the talented young artists, from all over the world, as they deserve to travel and share their knowledge and experiences with all of us and enriches us in the process.  

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