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Mission - The Shruti Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization based in Tampa, Florida whose mission is to preserve and promote the rich and cultural heritage of Indian Classical music, as well as to showcase Indian music interactively with other music from around the world, through public concerts, workshops and educational outreach programs.

Vision - The Shruti Foundation aims to foster awareness, understanding and appreciation of Indian Music as well as World Music, showcasing prominent Indian and World Music artists performing Indian Classical or World Fusion Music.

We aspire to provide a grand opportunity for quality global musicians from abroad, to come, perform and share their music with our community.

As a promoter of the performing arts from around the globe, The Shruti Foundation in addition, seeks to showcase Indian and other cultural Dance in some of our events and hopes to initiate, strengthen and grow connections with other performing arts organizations.

We recognize the power of music and it's strong influence on society, especially our youth. We also believe music can have profound effect on daily life. With this understanding, we aim to utilize our efforts in this field as an additional force of good in the world by striving to unite diverse cultures through the rich and colorful heritage of traditional music from around the world with our integrative concerts, workshops, outreach programs and other special events.


 Guidance -  Under the guidance of visionary Music educator and internationally touring Tabla Artist, Composer, Singer and CEO of the Non-Profit Organization Shruti Foundation, Shruti School of Music, WAHH! World Fusion Band and ‘Shankh and Friends Global Project’. 

Multi-talented Shankh Lahiri comes from a family with a long tradition of Indian Classical Music and has fully devoted his life to this Music. Son of the sitarist and Guru Shri Ravi Lahiri, he grew up in an environment imbued with the fragrance of Hindustani music. As a child, he received intensive training in both vocal and tabla from his father and went on to graduate in both subjects. For the last two decades, Shankh has been the devoted senior disciple of world-renowned Tabla maestro Pandit Nayan Ghosh.

Shankh has shared the stage with legendary artists such as Pandit Jasraj, Ustad Shujaat Khan, Ustad Shahid Parvez, Ustad Irshad Khan, Arati Ankalikar, Pandit Nayan Ghosh, Rakesh Chaurasia, and many more.

Shankh has gained his reputation as a very creative and innovative concert performer in both Indian Classical and Experimental World Music genres. He has performed at major festivals such as ‘South by South West,’ 'The Chicago Jazz Festival,' 'The Gasparilla Music Festival,' the San Remo Festival, and many more. 

Shankh received ‘Best of the Bay' Award in 2006 for his World Music album ‘Liberation’ & ‘Brother Ray’.  


Shankh Lahiri

Operations Manager

Ajay Kokeram


Executive Board of Members 

Sunil Majethia,

Avinash Sharma, 

Satish Ankalikar,

Inge Moony

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